The Phoenix Landing, Thursday night Drum n Bass, and Wine
by Twin Plates (formerly, The Subtle Doctor, formerly ZeroAltitude)
and pavel (formerly DJ 2crowd, formerly ChaoticRhythm)
a quality can wait production
11/17/2003 08:59:06 PM:
A few things to start off the Quality Can Wait blog.

At a recent event, I had a chance to chat with DJ Landspeed (review), who pointed me to a web site of someone whom I have to assume to be his associate. The site, State Music. is a cleanly designed showcase of newly hatched ambient electronica. The style of tracks made available through the site is quite similar to the late works by Biosphere, which happens to be my favorite ambient ...err... band.

One of the best tracks to recently come down the Dark (with serious ambient elements) DNB pipeline is Hive's Neo. It sounds amazing by itself, but it's even more impressive in a club setting, as Perfect Combination (review) so eloquently demonstrated last Thursday. You can get a good taste of this track on DRUM&BASSARENA.

- pavel.

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