The Phoenix Landing, Thursday night Drum n Bass, and Wine
by Twin Plates (formerly, The Subtle Doctor, formerly ZeroAltitude)
and pavel (formerly DJ 2crowd, formerly ChaoticRhythm)
a quality can wait production
4/06/2004 09:50:48 PM:
LOST REVIEWS. I am not sure we'll ever have a chance to go back and fill in the missed reviews, so here is a quick summary of memorable nights from the last three months:

March 18, 2004 MDOC -- great night; this guy should do more feature sets
March 04, 2004 Technical Itch -- very mediocre for such a big name. What's up with mixing from CDs?
February 26, 2004 Much -- this guy was so drunk he couldn't stand. I don't think there was a single good transition. Mess -- in contrast to Much, masterful mixing and great stage presense. Bring this duo back but keep much away from the bar.
January 22, 2004 Wei Betta -- solid mix, but pretty straightforward. Should do something funky to stand out. Rubix -- this is what I mean by funky; masterful mixing of hip hop and rap into dnb. Very memorable.
January 15, 2004 Matrix -- amazing combination of old school rap (Biz Markie, etc.) with hard DnB. Need more stuff like this.

I am surprised how well I can remember some of these nights! -pavel.

4/06/2004 09:40:37 PM:
THE REVIEWS ARE BACK! Yes, we missed whole three months of reviews during the winter. I can only speak for myself here: it was a weird time in my life when my job seemed to be going nowhere, and I wasn't being very creative. Finally, on March 11th, the job situation was rectified (major layoffs resulted in regaining my freedom), and the exciting future outlook has allowed me to regain creativity. Hope you enjoy the site. -pavel.

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