The Phoenix Landing, Thursday night Drum n Bass, and Wine
by Twin Plates (formerly, The Subtle Doctor, formerly ZeroAltitude)
and pavel (formerly DJ 2crowd, formerly ChaoticRhythm)
a quality can wait production
12/12/2004 10:56:44 PM:
Color me so, so jealous! But, my son Soren was born on Dec. 7, so I'll be back any week now. Yes, that's right: I will once more embarass myself and everyone I interact with, indirectly, in the very near future! All hail crazy 2-time dads! -E

12/10/2004 06:32:13 PM:
Spirit/MDOC -- 12/09/04.

MDOC opened the night with his traditional mix of tunes, including many many faves. He was having a ball with a bit of scratching and experimental mixing; it's always fun to see the DJ enjoy the show as much as the audience.

Spirit stepped up to the decks shortly after midnight. He started with a string of very dark bassy break-beaty tracks that were difficult to dance to but a nice departure from MDOC's more "happy" set. The energy purveyed in Spirit's mix was insane; I was watching with amazement as the crowd around me convulsed to the complicated percussion and unpredictable rhythm. His set stayed in this mode pretty much the whole night, with occasional departures for more rhythmical but really fast tracks that drove the crowd to a frenzy. A rewind or two perfectly placed at the tracks that gave us a slow buildup and instantaneous release of energy put a inserted of much-needed interruptions in the dark beats. The guy had a great connection witht the audience. He got attention from the peeps, and he basked in it. Just the kind of DJ I like. The only weakeness in his set was uniformity. Dark; dark; all dark. But I suppose that's his niche. Not a guy to miss if you have the chance.


12/07/2004 07:05:29 PM:
I had much trepidation about going to Elements last Thursday as this was first of many upcoming weeks when Eddie would not be coming. I wasn't even sure I would go myself. On the one hand, I was looking forward to the beats and to the people, but on the other, I knew that I could be enjoying the evening at home with my wife Jenya instead of trying to forge new friendships, which is an especially arduous task for a timid person like yours truly.

The resident night turned out to be very low key, just the way I like it. Our beloved DJs put together an excellent tag-team set that included many old and new faves, had good variety, and had me dancing the whole night the way I haven't done in quite some time. Some of the best nights at Elements have featured the residents, and this one was up there on the scoreboard. I dare any celebrity, short of maybe Perfect Combination or Storm to challenge them.

Major props to the super friendly peeps.


12/02/2004 05:19:42 PM:
S - U - V! S - U - V! (The girls spell it!) S - U - V! (The guys spell it!) S - U - V!

Pavel: What? SUV is coming to Elements again, on a night that will probably be Eddie's last for a while?? How appropriate that our interest in DnB be tested in such manner at this deciding moment, when there is a fair chance that we will lose our vigor in continuing to overcome the sizable obstacles that stand in the way of our weekly forays into the parallel universe that is Elements. Alas, this is fate.

If you, our dear reader, browse our reviews way back to the very beginning, you will find that the first proper essay was dedicated to the performance of SUV and his sidekick we observed roughly a year ago, just after starting our regular late night DnB excursions. In fact, SUV, and in particular his MC, gave us the proverbial kick in the butt that inspired us to start this site with reviews and all the other goodness you find here. Of course, if you do read that fateful review, you will find that our opinion of the duo was not particularly high; in fact, they have continued to be a source of great amusement throughout the past year with phrases such as "you need more juice" and "eSs-Yoo-Vee" etched in our minds and becoming parts of our sarcastic vocabulary.

Eddie: So it was on a skeptical note that we packed ourselves into our individual cars and headed out to that cold but familiar parking lot to partake of a Chilean Merlot in the style of our past wine rituals. My own ride into Elements, when I travel without Pavel, has a lonely simplicity -- hop on the Pike, and stay with it until exit 18. Then you're practically in Central Square already. Drive Northish past the River Gods, hook a quick right then left, and voila, another right and you're at the parking lot. I keep playing a mix I did a couple of weeks ago, because that mix reminds me so much of Elements. So much so, in fact, that I gave Lenore and the gang a CD with the mix on it, hoping that they would share some of the excitement I felt when making it.

We arrived early so that we could see more of the resident stylings than we had in past weeks. But since we were having an unusual amount of fun with the Merlot, and in casting our eyes forward and backwards over the timeline of our Elements journey, we actually ended up inside on the late side. It was already fairly busy when we entered, and Crook was laying down some nice tracks that warmed me up quickly -- in fact, for the first time in many many weeks, both Pavel and I took time out to dance to the resident set.

Pavel: Yes, the middle of Crook's set, the part we had inadvertently stumbled into after much joyous wine tasting in the parking lot, got us wound up nearly instantly. The club was filling up quickly with every passing minute, the crowd starting to resemble a group of devotees patiently awaiting their master. Eddie and I weren't waiting; we were in the moment, enjoying Crook's mix and delighting in malt juice. We started to feel the approach of the headliner set as the resident scrubbed momentum and allowed the place to cool a bit, to affirm the spotlight on the mighty SUV, who, entouraged by Lenore and his Mc, arrived shortly thereafter.

They circled the bar, used the restroom, chatted with the Djs, sized up the audience. I had nothing but questions on my mind. Would this night be worth it? Would it make Eddie and me come back, or is it going to place an end to a great era, the age of Elementom. For me, this night has become so much more than just three hours of obscenely loud beats and drunk thrashing patrons. Since Eddie and I no longer work at the same office, this has become our ritual night of socializing and having fun together. As a bonus, we have met several great people at Elements, people whose company we will miss if this will turn out to be our final excursion here. Does this mighty Atlas even realize the enormity of the task squarely resting upon his shoulders? Finally, with swift assertiveness, SUV approached the controls...

Eddie: SUV's set started, and I was instantly surprised: where last time he began quietly with a softer tune, this time he came on strong with something forceful and dancy. Enjoying the track, I was bracing myself for the MC.

But again I was surprised: where last time, the MC began with a lot of hoopla, and nearly immediately admonished us all to indulge in more alcohol, this time he was doing it up differently: a simple yet enthusiastic introduction of SUV, followed by... well, hanging back, and letting the track gain momentum. My skepticism now diminishing, I couldn't resist hopping around a bit to the straightforward and refreshingly simple DnB beats that were heading my way. My reservations were quickly washed entirely away, as I noticed that tonight, the MC was in rare form. He seemed to know when I wanted to just listen to some beats, and which tracks needed some lyrical riffing, which he did in a characteristic and still riveting way. And where I could understand him, I was digging what he was saying: it wasn't the S-U-V chant of last time (though we did do that near then end, where it felt somehow appropriate, and notably short-lived), but rather was a smooth and flowing commentary on the beats, on SUV's goodness, and on the freshness of the track... I confess, I loved every minute of it. And I think the MC noticed that I did, because at one crucial juncture when I was resting near the TTs, just grooving and almost completely withdrawn in my own inner world of enjoyment, the MC came over and shook my hand and gave me an approving nod -- this brought me back into the world of Elements, and I again noticed that I was surrounded by strangers as well as people I knew, all grooving to the Drums and, well yes, and the Bass.

It was in this pleasant haze that I gave my CD to Lenore and told her I'd be away for a few weeks taking care of my Wife and new baby boy.

Pavel: In my drunk/tired/happy state, I didn't pay attention to any specific details of the mix or to the MC. All I remember is that I was truly enjoying myself; so much so, that when it came time to leave (around 1am, well before the closing time), I was very reluctant to do so. Alas, tomorrow's a workday, and I didn't want to be exhausted, and Eddie's eight months pregrant wife Cristen would undoubtedly appreciate his coming home early. We hurriedly snuck out and positioned ourselves outside the club for a quick cool down. The beats emanating through the door were oh-so-tempting... After hesitating for ten minutes, our resistance faded, and the pulsating woofer membranes lured us back inside. We headed straight for the dancefloor, and proceeded to soak in every beat, to absorb every bassline, and to resonate with every utterance of the MC. When MC told us to chant S-U-V, we gladly responded, in a massive rupture of joy. It was good.

When the lights came on, we had nothing to regret. The night had exceeded our expectations by a wide margin. We have gained new appreciation of MCs, and we renewed our vows of devotion to this thing we call Drum'n'Bass.

Eddie: Word! I'll be back, and when SUV returns, there will be the smile of respect, and not the smile of sarcasm!

- p & e

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