The Phoenix Landing, Thursday night Drum n Bass, and Wine
by Twin Plates (formerly, The Subtle Doctor, formerly ZeroAltitude)
and pavel (formerly DJ 2crowd, formerly ChaoticRhythm)
a quality can wait production
3/25/2005 03:25:00 PM:
Let me amplify what Pavel already wrote.

The club is Pulse, located on an unremarkable street, surrounded by rubble and highways. The outside of the building is so drab as to almost completely avoid nighttime detection. It would be the perfect base of operations for a CIA sting.

Inside, you are immediately met with a mix of plusses and minusses. On the plus side, the decor of first room is really quite nice. The lighting is pleasantly indirect, the furniture is fine, and there is a decent pool table. It has a coffee house feel, and the DJ rig present is about the right size and volume for that kind of feel.

On the minus side, the bar is absolutely third-rate. The only beers were American, Heineken, and Corona. The shots were as expensive as $8 (Grand Marnier; compare with the Phoenix Landing at 5 or 6 bucks). The mixed drinks (I had a Red Bull and Vodka) were weak. Substandard in most regards.

On the plus side, there was no carding at the door that we encountered, and the people inside seemed curious about outsiders like me and Pavel, and that made for a feeling like people were looking our way, which was kind of fun.

On the minus side, even though it looked like there were a lot of cars in the lot (a plus -- it has its own lot), it was horrifyingly empty inside. Presumably, this must be the result of bad promotion, plus bad location, plus lack of Aquasky draw (which surprised me a bit, frankly -- until I saw the show, that is).

On the plus side, past the coffee house room was nothing short of a mini concert hall, with a very competent sound system and a fairly fancy DJ booth. There was lots of space, and there was a dedicated bar that was... not being manned. The lighting was very elaborate, which I thought was a nice touch.

On the minus side, the DJ booth in there was completely closed off from the rest of the room -- the DJ was not "in the crowd" in any sense. Rather, he was shielded behind a plastic/glass barrier in a room much like what you would imagine a radio censor sits in during a radio talk show.

As far as the music for the evening went, I honestly couldn't stand it, even when I was bouncing around for the exercise. I don't much like House. That having been said, there are tracks I've liked, and ways to mix it that are nice to listen to. Unfortunately those tracks, and that style, were completely absent. Once once or twice during the pitifully short set (less than 1 hour), did the unannounced DJ I assumed was Aquasky, play anything Progressive or Deep or Hard. 11 out of the 13 or so tracks that he managed to squeeze into the ridiculously underwhelming, short set were straight up, 140BPM, non-syncopated snoozers. There's only so much people-watching one can do before one gets bored even of that.

Pulse, the location, the interior, has potential. If I owned the place, I could turn it around. As it stands today, I hated the place, and I hated the show.

On the plus side, Elements, here I come for several weeks in a row!

3/25/2005 03:05:00 AM:
So last week, when we were leaving the AMAZING Ed Rush & Optical performance, promoters were giving away flyers for an Aquasky show in Providence. We thought; hey what the heck, we like this night, we might as well try something else different. Tonight was the night. Man oh man. Not only was there a total absense of Drum'n'Bass, but the place was simply dead. The venue was very nice though (will have to remember the name when I am not so drunk and sleepy). Two rooms; the first room had house playing the whole night on a rather puny stereo. The second room was huge with a stereo to match. I counted eight Cervin Vega folded horn subs, that's double what The Phoenix Landing has. It would have been nice to let out some real bass through them. But no dice, all we heard from Aquasky was house and something I cannot classify that sounded like Drum'n'Bass on painkillers; slowed down to about 130BPM. There was a large sign on the door "No photo or audio/video equipment; everything will be confiscated and not returned." So I had to take my pictures covertly. Here is what came out.

This night has enlightened us as to how good we have it with Elements. Yay. No more complaning from us.

3/16/2005 03:08:00 AM:
03/15/05: Ed Rush & Optical at Bill's Bar...

No words can do this show... errr.. party justice! I present the pictures. Go Elemental Compounds!!! I hope this night keeps going; because if it does, I am there.


3/12/2005 11:44:00 AM:
03/02/05: KLUTE

I'll let pictures do the talking.



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