The Phoenix Landing, Thursday night Drum n Bass, and Wine
by Twin Plates (formerly, The Subtle Doctor, formerly ZeroAltitude)
and pavel (formerly DJ 2crowd, formerly ChaoticRhythm)
a quality can wait production
4/23/2005 01:35:00 PM:
No time to write again, but there are some pics from the last two shows.

Nocturnicon Crew - 04/14/2005

A-Sides - 04/21/2005

Both great shows; big ups to the Elements crew!


4/09/2005 09:55:00 PM:
Oh man. Yes, yes, there was some lesbian action going down -- Pavel's pics display the gory details. Please do not tell my wife. Thank you.

The show was good stuff -- I can't say that the set was awe-inspiring, but it was solid, and it was good. Pavel and I had planned to leave early and then... didn't. So that tells us something. The wine of the evening was a South African Merlot which was somewhat spicier than the Merlots of the past, but still had a nice texture and drinkability -- for the most part. Pavel had some gulping troubles down near the end of the bottle. Can't blame him -- it got rather sour after a few glasses.

I was very sort the next two days after this show -- Pavel and I were in push-each-other mode, each proposing crazier and more frenetic dances while in the dark recesses behind the main speakers on the left. Then we had to reach our "usual spot" -- WALKING LIKE ROBOTS. Give Pavel a few beers, and he gets creative!

We had a blast -- the kind of time that reminds us why we went 56 times in a row, and why we'll keep feeling like we want to come back, week after week.

4/08/2005 07:58:00 PM:
2005.04.07 Basic Operations@Elements

Greetings, earthilings. I don't have time to write, but I do have time to share the pics. [engage]

4/01/2005 12:48:00 PM:
03.31.2005 Resident Tag Team at Elements

Having missed the last four weeks of Elements, we were eager to return, arriving bright and early. Just as we came through the door, Crook turned off the jukebox and started his set. It was great to be back. Shortly thereafter, Lenore and MDOC showed up and started tag-teaming. By mindnight, the place was packed, and the peeps were rocking. I personally prefered MDOC's track selection of the trio; every time he took the controls, the drums and the bass tempted me back onto the dancefloor. Having gotten to the Phoenix super early, we were thoroughly exhasted by 1am. Desperate for some rest, I lounged on the subs and managed to cause a couple of skips (whoooops!). I wish more of the familiar faces would have showed up and I had been more rested; still it was a great night overall, and I can't wait for the next one.

May I present The Photos.


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