The Phoenix Landing, Thursday night Drum n Bass, and Wine
by Twin Plates (formerly, The Subtle Doctor, formerly ZeroAltitude)
and pavel (formerly DJ 2crowd, formerly ChaoticRhythm)
a quality can wait production
8/26/2005 04:31:00 PM:
25 August 2005
Damian (Soundbox, ADHD) [I think]

First off, while I know we hardly comment on the Residents anymore since we've said almost all there is to say in the past, in this case, I must mention: MDOC KILLED it! That was one of the more exciting opening sets for several weeks -- the track selection was on the mark, the intensity was high, and the mood incorporated all the right elements. I found myself disappointed I'd arrived so late.

Damian's set started off slow -- some sort of abstract kind of breakbeaty stuff, not unlike how I like to start my CDs. But the thing was, after MDOC's energy, it was jarring to have the slowdown -- I expect the slow start from an *opening* set, but not necessarily from the main performer. Considering the fact that I was already exhausted from my first week at my new job, this was enough to take me off of the dance floor. This gave me some time to chat with Lenore and some other folks, and just chill. The DJ did bring up some nice recognizable tracks later on, and kept the evening moving after all, but in my own case, the slow start paired with my own fatigue kept me from completely loving the set.

The crowd was also kind of weird. There were large, burly guys that appeared to think they were at a rave, running around with glow in the dark sticks. They dominated the up-front area, while people managed to sneak into our usual hideout area behind the speakers.

All in all, a nice evening, with an impressive opening set, a few nice picture and well-planted handstands, some dancing, good conversation, Guinness, and a brush with a DJ who shows a lot of promise, but should open his Main Performer sets with a little more energy. ~e

8/19/2005 11:15:00 AM:
08/18/2005: A bunch of British Dudes @ Elements

What can I say; the night started on a very high note, with Crook throwing down some truly mad beats. Yes, mad, I say. Then the first British dude came on and blahdy blahdy blah -- he was good, but not amazing. After him, the second British dude came on -- he was again good, but his track selection was very monotonous and metally. The night for some reason inspired a different sort of crowd to come out with nary a familiar face. It also inspired a particular type of dance called the Beer Dance. It goes something like this -- try it in your living room -- hold a full glass of beer in your left hand, while making circular motions with your right hand. Also move around the room in ballet-like motions. Imagine there are people in the room -- whenever you get close to anyone, pour a small amount of beer on their shirt, pants, or shoes -- you get the idea. Now, repeat all night, getting a fresh beer when your glass gets low.

So yeah, the night started strong but withered out toward the end. Croock’s set was better than the feature.


8/05/2005 11:27:00 AM:
04 August 2005: Rekkon, Alliance @ Elements

Greets! This was a proper night with proper DJ-ing and a crazy crowd. The night started off with Lenore's opening, and she did not disappoint. Her set was tight and full of amazing tracks, truly worthy of a feature set, not an opening. Rekkon took controls unceremoniously and threw down some mad dubs. Unfortunately he couldn't quite catch a groove and kept messing up the mix-ins. Still it was a good set that kept the crowd going until finally, well before 1am, Alliance stepped up to the decks. He took the already stratospheric energy level and blew it right out of orbit. Throwing down one mean track after anohter, connected by impeccable mix-ins, it was a delight to partake in the madness surrounding the stage; a madness that included goth chicks dancing like strippers and breakdance performances worthy of top international competitions. By curfew, the crowd including Eddie and YT was exhausted, and we were quite glad when the lights finally came on; for this was a night when nothing was held back; this was a night that extracted every last bit of energy from everyone, the DJs, the crowd, even the PA system; this was a night that will serve as a benchmark for many nights to come; a night that will not be easy to reproduce. But we will surely try.


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